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Paraplegic Skydiver, Comedian, Inspirational Speaker, Business Success Workshopper & Author

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  Australia's first paraplegic skydiver.
  Comedian with humour in the face of adversity.
  Inspirational speaker
  Productive Workshops
  Author of "Can't Walk, Can Fly"

Dale's workshops provide training to help overcome 3 common challenges we face in a high pressure environment that require constant top level results:
  Keeping key staff engaged & motivated during peak times
  Deflecting distractions and mind noise that degrade performance & fulfillment
  Setting the correct goals based on emotional outcomes of clients & staff.


BASE Jumping Madman Extraordinaire, Stuntman & Author

Douggs has to be seen to be believed. First impressions are of your stereo-typical tatooed, peirced, mowhikan haired, lunatic BASE jumping & skydiving adrenaline-junkie. Spend two minutes with him and he'll lead you straight to his heart.

He might not have much respect for authority, but for life, love and the universe, he is the authority.

He's lived a thousand lives and has incredible stories to tell. His book "Confessions of an Idiot" is a true eye-opener and a dead-set motivator - get up off your arse, life life to the max and "shine on".


World Record Wingsuit BASE Jumper, Mother & Author

Heather was a 35 year old single mum with no baackground in adventure, trying to climb the corporate ladder.  She met Dr. Glenn Singleman at a seminar, he was the world record holder for altitude BASE jumping. It was love at first sight. They married, then embarked on the longest and most extreme honeymoon imaginable. Over the next 2338 days, Glenn taught her how to skydive, climb, mountaineer and master the wingsuit. He equipped her with the physical and emotional skills needed to tackle one of the most extreme sport challenges - to Wingsuit BASE jump of Mt. Meru in the Indian Himilayas, the highest sheer cliff in the world. Now she's a World Record holder who's the star in two successful documentaries and authored a spell-binding book "No Ceiling".

Heather is a sought-after inspirational speaker. She travels the world touching people's lives and hearts with her truly incredible story of courage, fear, injury, heartbreak, challenge, pain, success & reward.

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"When adversity happens, it's not about getting back to where you were, it's about going further."

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 BASEClimb2 documented Heather Swan’s first unsuccessful attempt to break the world record.

BASEClimb3 documents her success when she climbed and made a Wingsuit BASE jump from 6,672 metre Mt. Meru.

PDF of BASEClimb1 featured in Australian Skydiver Magazine
PDF of BASEClimb2 featured in Australian Skydiver Magazine
PDF of Book & DVD Review

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