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 Light up the skies above your event!

Display jumps are one of our specialties and we would like to light up your sky and entertain the crowds at your next event. We offer a variety of display options depending on your budget and suggest “Jump Lotto” as an exciting and interactive way to help you raise the money for the display. 


X marks the spot! Ramblers Ground Crew lay a large cross on the ground as one of the signals to the aircraft and parachutists. The cross remains on the ground for the duration of the Display and the parachutists try their hardest to land on it! It’s all good fun and the crowd certainly appreciates their accuracy. However, there is always doubt from the crowd that the parachutists can actually pinpoint their landings down to such a small area and as such, don’t mind betting on it! 

Jump Lotto is an exciting way to include the crowd in the display. On the day of the event leading up to the Display, you sell tickets to people. Just before the jump, people place their tickets on the landing area exactly where they think the parachutists will land. The parachutists then land and pick up the winning ticket on which they landed. 

Please contact our Display Team at any time for more information about Displays and Jump Lotto.


Huge Aussie Flag - 1,000 square foot Australian Flag rigged up for Parachute Displays. It’s quite the show-stopper and our specialist parachutist is proficient at landing it right on the cross.

Theme Dress – Super Heroes, Cartoon Characters or perhaps a sponsor’s Mascot. Our parachutists love to ham it up in fancy dress and the kids get a kick out of it too. You can supply the outfit, or we can. Note: the costumes need to be suitable for the forces of skydiving and supplied outfits may need some rigging attention.

Triple Coloured Flares – Our flares are standard orange smoke. However, specialist parachutists are available to jump a triple flare construction, complete with very colourful smoke. This looks fantastic and is a real crowd-pleaser.

Aerial Video & Photos – Get a Bird’s Eye View of your School! Specialist parachutists will take aerial footage of your Display including the plane flight and views from above the school plus the actual jumping from the plane, freefall over the school, parachute flight and landing into your school. The footage is then edited into an exciting mini-movie masterpiece and burnt onto DVD as a keep-sake for your school and a unique show and tell for the kids! High quality Digital Photographs are taken of the same and we give you the original files on a souvenir USB stick, with full usage rights to do with the photos what you will.

Tandem - Depending on the landing area, we are more than happy to take a tandem jumper for a jump as part of your Display. This jumper may be the winner of a prior raffle, a school teacher, headmaster, student or a sponsor. There are a few restrictions including a minimum age of 12 (with written parental consent) and a maximum weight of 85kgs.


  • Our Ground Crew is in communication with your organising staff and our aircraft to ensure the correct timing of the display. They are well trained in crowd control and ground-to-air communication and hold a current Ground Control Officer rating with the Australian Parachute Federation.
  • Should you wish to supply a microphone, a member of our team will happily give the crowd an exciting step-by-step description of what’s happening before, during and after the display. We find this helps to inform and excite the crowd for the entire duration, and most importantly, the crowd doesn’t miss out on anything.
  • The jumpers will land and then chat to the audience for as long as is wanted. They are more than happy to share their stories, answer questions and show their equipment and how it works. They will also pack their parachutes at the school to show the audience how it’s done, as most people find this very interesting. They will also have a Packing Race if you wish, which is usually quite lively and very entertaining.
  • We have Public Liability Insurance under the umbrella of the Australian Parachute Federation, a copy of which will be made available should you wish to go ahead with a display.


Should you be interested in having the Display Team jump into your event, please contact us. We would be more than happy to meet with you to answer any questions and look at the proposed landing area to assess its suitability.  

Skydiving & Parachuting Displays Pricelist

Day Time with 3 Jumpers $770
Day Time with 5 Jumpers $1,100
Day Time with 10 Jumpers $2,200
Day Time with 15 Jumpers $3,300
Night Time with 3 Meteor Men Jumpers $1,540
Night Time with 5 Meteor Men Jumpers $2,200
Night Time with 10 Meteor Men Jumpers $4,400
Night Time with 15 Meteor Men Jumpers $6,600
Optional Extras:  
Huge Aussie Flag $150
Triple Coloured Smoke $150
Tandem $350
Wingsuiter $100
Aerial Video & Photo Shoot of Location $250


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