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Tandem Jumpers

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Brendan's 21st birthday!

Happy Birthday Zoe

"Top" Willy


Wanda made her husband Dave jump too. She loved it

"Yewwww!!" Tyler

Tracey going crazy

Tracey cruising under canopy with Wayne.

Tore is just taking in the view after a great jump!

Toni loving it

Crazy Norgie #2: Tone

Tom is having a ball, I'm sure he'll be back again soon!

Thumps up to you Tenielle!

"Amazing 21st present. Woot!!!"

Tanika is fly through the skies for her 16th birthday.

Susan happy in freefall

Alexander is otherwise known as "Superman"

Suhail from 13.09.10

Stu is number 1


"Great jump with Darren" Sophie

What a great jump Simon!

Shae said this was the ride of her life!

Sarah's Birthday Jump

Wayne backflying as outside cameraman

Scott from Toowoomba, Incredible! I love my wife!

Rock and roll Sarah

Sandi is about to jump.....


Nice hair Sam

What an awesome jump Sam had today, Happy Birthday for next week and enjoy Bali!


"Fantastic, loved it. Defo do it again"!! Sally

"Born to live, live to die" Ryan

Roy's Ashes

Ron had a great time when he skydived with us!


Rob taking in the amazing view under canopy!

Rhomaney looking like a natural!

Thumps up Rhet

"Awesome, fantastic" Ray

Looking north to Noosa

This is Rachel just about to jump out of the plane on a very cold morning!

Smoothest yet!

Rachael above the clouds

good form Phillip!

Yeah Phil

Thumps up Peter

Peter going ballistic

Pavol from Slovakia

Pali - the crazy dude from Slovakia

"Better than fish and chips" Pate

Nicola thanking Steve for her jump. She was to do one during the night now!

Great jump with Darren - Nick

The beautiful Coolum coastline


Michael going fast

Good morning and Happy Birthday Michael!! What a beautiful way to start the day!

Melanie cruising the sky!

Meghan loving it

Maxwell, all the way from Scotland!

Matthew with Splash

Heres Matt under our new canopy - looking good!

Same same for you Matt!

Mark excited to leave the plane

'Fantastic!' said Marem, Her next journey in a plane will be heading back to Norway...

Thumbs up from Lyndon

Louise loving the views!

Nice one Louis


Linda from Gladstone

Is that a smile or a scream? Either way its a great pic Linda!

"Great surprise" Lauren

Laura from 13.09.10

Kristie: Champion Screamer

Imagine the views Kirsten has seen this morning!

What a was worth the wait said Kirk!

"Best thing!! Have to do it again!!" Kirby

Kimberley from Stanththorpe, Epic! Best feeling ever!

Kay about to exit the plane

Lookin' good Katie!

"Amazing experience...couldn't stop smiling" Kathleen

Kate loving it

sunset with Kate

Great jump with Wayne

Justin going nuts

"Shit myself....twice" Josh

Jono with his lovely group

"Awesome!!" Joel

Jodie looks so relaxed, I'm sure she loved it.

Jodi from 12.09.10

Great jump with Darren - Jo

Fab jump Jessie, you look great!

Not a cloud in the sky, Jessica picked a beautiful day for a jump!

Double espresso Jem

Jason at opening

From Toowoomba - Jason

Jason from 12.09.10

"So great" Jasmine

Janice from Kilcoy

Great facial expressions James

Flash and Splash

Fly Jake Fly


"Fantastic" Jacob

"Great Crew" Jack

Izaak free

Nice day for a jump!

Wayne taking Mum Joan for her 70th birthday, with Susie docking!

Superman flying!

What a way to start the day Sally!!

Fly like a bird, what a beautiful picture!

Peter John was just walking on the beach and he ended up jumping out of a plane!

Jayne flying with Dazza

Thumbs up to you Rebekah!

Singapore Skydiver!

Good hair day for Liam!

Mark & Jackson

About to touch down

Gus about to open the canopy!

Sun Silhouette

Red goes faster

Looking good Wayne, great picture mate!

Line stretch


Wendle checking the spot!

Reharn smiling at Dazza

Great Visuals!

Nice exit Bald Eagle

Nothing like a skydive to get you ready to party, Happy 21st Ike!

Holly going ballistic x 2

Crazy Norgie #1: Helene

Nice hair Heather

"Totally Amazing!" Heather


Guy had a ball this morning when he came from Brissy for a jump with us!

Love the 2 layers of cloud

Oh yeah!

Guro says 'Awesome i will do it again!'

Renato and Guilherme from Porto Allegre, Brazil

'Surprise!' Its Gregs 50th today and he did not expect to be doing this today! Happy Birthday mate.

Etienne says it was FANTASTIC!

Roger about to take the leap to celebrate his 70th!!!

Robert on this bday!

Desiree having a go a steering the parachute, great job!

Great jump Michelle Have a great mother's day!

Mark going nuts even before the jump

Jane says "Intense, Emotional and awesome"

Suprise!!! Hayley

Laura from Mooloolaba Backpackers

Great facial Peta! Peta came from NZ for a holiday and had a great jump with us!

Ben from the UK

Taylor from Rustic Pathways is usually watching the action from the ground but it was his turn for a great jump today!

Kristi getting over her biggest fear

Ian from Victoria

Marcus from Melbourne enjoying his first jump - he said he wants to do it again!! Hooked already!


Robert flying high!

Loving the finger nail shot Danielle!! Great jump!

Kerri taking in the view over Coolum...

Scott & Alexis in the plane just before the jump! This couple are about to go crazy!!

Looking good Melinda!

When you go skydiving your face may look like this. Nice one Michael

Carly just about to do her jump in the early morning sun...beautiful start to the day!

Happy 18th Kaylea


Happy 50th b'day Wendy

Paul had an awesome jump today, come and see us when you're in Rainbow!

Helen and Darren just hanging around.

Brent from Perth gives us the thumbs up - enjoy the rest of your holiday!

Happy 21st Ruby

Happy 17th Birthday Adam, awesome jump!

Adam enjoyed his jump with Darren today

Neil had a ball when he jumped with Darren today, one he wont ever forget!!

Peter with his Liverpool FC t-shirt. You will never "fly" alone...

Heres Janelle taking in the breath taking views of the Sunshine Coast.

Mika from Saitama

Tim awed by the coastline

Flying Terry

Coolest granma in the world? Jackie

Ray celebrated Lewina's 21st

Gary on his 60th Brithday!

Ben enjoying earth from another perspective

Liam enjoying the end of the day before his trip to Thailand. See you soon brother

Lily under canopy.

Lauren hanging onto Dazza

good form Mick!

Brad on his WEDDING DAY!

Bruce says ' The ultimate in adrenalin experiences!'

Milly is flying through the air, fab picture Milly.

Angela does not seem happy....

Ben thought his jump with Wayne was 'Unreal!' I'm sure we will be seeing him again soon.

Troy's loving every minute!!

Melissa flying the parachute over Coolum

Nick in freefall, go Nick!!

Tara getting some fresh air

Greg jumped into the Immanuel Lutheran college where he teaches for charity Jump for Joy!

Benita - Champion Screamer

Emma-Jane celebrating her 30th in that special flying way

Andrew loving his jump with Daz

Happy 21st Lewina

Everything looks better from above Abbie

Wayne jumped with Wayne!

Carol enjoying the parachute flight

Another Trine!

Rohan and Wayne screaming from excitement

Joy says 'Yahoo!!! Absolutely brilliant!

Ivan from Switzerland is flying high!!

Young Jake says 'Its the Best!!'

Glenn under canopy with Wayne, great jump!

Glen enjoying fly high

Gene eating the sky

Fiona at opening


"Awesome! Mental!" Emma

Elizabeth going crazy in freefall - you go girl!

Rebecca says she can't wait to do it again!

Absolutely Sensational Helen!!!

Wendy giving the thumbs up!

John not having fun

Amanda looking good!


Saul is loving every second!

Davids next flight will be back to Switzerland but he'll be back!

Susie celebrating her 50th Birthday

Josh having a good hair day

Team Brazil

Gavin loving the freefall

Imogene having a blast

Emerald from the top!

Lauren is over the shock of her surprise and now enjoying the fun!

Angus rocks

Brad from Sea FM (lost the battle of the sexes...)

Anna from Moscow, Russia

Happy Birthday Leanne

Steven having a blast!

Tim - one of the coolest 14 year olds I know

Ashley celebrating his 21st!

Cheryle from Griffith University (won the raffle)

Happpy Birthday Michael

Unreal, Amazing, Thanks Guys!!

Ben the prankster!!

Ariko's 60th Birthday

Cody having a blast!

Christina enjoying the views~!

Richelle smiling in the face of fear!

Neil from England

Christine was very religious today. She said "OH MY GOD" about 36 times

Nick falling free

Marcus left the plane

Ecstatic or terrified

Desiree from Switzerland had a fab jump with us toady!

OMG!!! Epic fall! It's a Must Do!!! (words from Derek)

Denise celebrates her 60th in style

Nelson flying


Davin in the afternoon


smile Dave!!

What a way to celebrate your 50th, great jump David!

Dave from London

Blue Canopy & Blue Sky - aaarrhhh

"Amazing! Will never forget it!" Daniel

"Brilliant" Daniel

Dan enjoying the coast from above

"Best thing i've done" Dan

Damian rocking it!

Damian celebrating his 21st!

Cristy over Coolum


Happy Birthday Craig

Great jump with Wayne - Craig

Corvina in praying position

Corey - just cool

Coastal views in freefall with Lake Weyba

Connor here is just preparing himself for his 2nd jump with us, go Connor!

Clare loving the afternoon light at 14.000ft

Claire and Craig loved their jumps

15 year old Claire exploring the skies


Crissy - Coolest Coolum Chick

Chris braved the cold to have a jump with Wayne, it was definately worth it!

Chelsea, taking it all in

Cassie loving the coastline

Go Cassandra!

Happy Birthday Cees

Cristy surprised Cameron with a jump for his birthday


Roger & Dredgie

I think Brett is having fun

SICK Bianca said who loved her jump

Looking good Ben! Well worth the drive from Maryborough.

From Sydney on holiday - Bec

Ashlee rocks

Anthony while the parachute is opening

Ashlee had an awesome jump today with Daz.

Look at the smile on Anne's face - fantastic!

Woohooo!!! Loved it!

Andrew not excited

Andrew can't wait to exit the plane

Nice way to spend your anniversary Amy

Looking good Alyce!

Twin Waters Tandem

Adam's 16th birthday celebration

Adam is flying high with Splash, Happy anniversary!

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