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Everyone who jumps with us at is our VIP customer and is treated as such, as are your family and friends who come to share your experience.

 We know your time is valuable.
So we have a minimum wait, maximum fun policy. 

 We know you will probably only ever do one jump.
So our mission is: "To give you the greatest skydiving experience, ever."

 We know you want to feel comfortable about jumping.
So we have hand-picked our highly-trained and fun-loving staff to help you feel at ease.

 We know you don't want a 'dodgy' skydiving operation.
So we have top-of-the-range new equipment that is well-maintained, plus a fabulous Clubhouse and facilities for you to enjoy.

 We know you like to mark special occasions.
So we have unique products and packages.

Don't choose the cheapest skydiving operation, choose the one who cares about you, values your life, and wants you to have the greatest skydiving experience possible..


Got Questions?
Get Answers!

Please feel free to contact us at any time. The silliest question is the one you don't ask!


 All tandem jumps made in Australia must deploy the main parachute by 5,000ft.
 The higher you go, the more freefall time you get:
10,000ft jump = 35 seconds
14,000ft jump = 65 seconds
 All skydiving companies in Australia by Law are supposed to quote the total price including "APF Levy" or "APF Membership" and "Fuel Levy".
 Cheap prices usually means one of 2 things - ie. tandem factory that gets you in and out as fast as possible and/or costs are getting cut somewhere... 



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