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1. AFF Course - 9 jumps, or
2. Static Line Course - 16 jumps

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Both AFF and Static Line Courses start with
First Jump Course Dates available by request
* Midweek    * Weekends   * Nights

Next First Jump Course dates are:
* Saturday 21st November
* Tuesday 24th November
* Saturday 5th November
* Wednesday 17th December

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Other Course dates available by request

ACCELERATED FREEFALL COURSE (AFF) - 9 JUMPS - This course is as it says - a fast way of learning the freefall manouvres, by having instructors with you in freefall. The Course starts with the First Jump Course and TAF jump (Tandem Assisted Freefall jump).
PROS: You have the suport of the instructors in freefall including their smiling faces and their ability to physically help you with your body position and moves, which builds confidence and makes it interactive. AFF Students usually finish with a higher freefall skill level than Solo Course.
CONS: Not as many jumps for your money. Not as much canopy flight time or landings. Can get overloaded with the feeling of having too much to do and remember on each jumps. May have to repeat jumps.

AFF Course Completion Package is $2,699  BOOK NOW

SOLO STATIC LINE COURSE - 16 JUMPS - Skydive Ramblers Sunshine Coast have developed a 16-jump Course that combines the best of the Accelerated Freefall (AFF) & Static Line Couses. The course starts with a First Jump Course and a Tandem Orientation Jump. The next 4 jumps are Solo Static Line Parachute Jumps, then a high AFF jump, then introduces a new freefall manouvre on every subsequent jump. 
PROS: Is a terrific combination of Solo and AFF. You get more jumps for your money. Much more canopy flight time and landings, usually finishing you with a higher skill level than on the AFF Course. Not as much to do or remember on each jump, which builds confidence quickly.
CONS: Can be a bit lonely in freefall sometimes (though we try to jump with you as much as possible at no extra charge. Usually freefall skills are not as polished as AFF.

Solo Static Line Skydiving Course Completion Package is $2,999  BOOK NOW

Both Courses start with the FIRST JUMP COURSE. The First Jump Course is a full day of theory and ground training, and includes a Tandem Orientation jump (TAF jump for AFF Course students, or Tandem Orientation Jump for Solo Static Line Course Students). This Tandem jump is nothing like a regular beach tandem jump just for the fun, this tandem training jump is still fun, but moreso it is a hands on training jump with an instructor - to get familiar with the equipment (rig, parachutes, handles, steering toggles, radio comms); to get familiar with the opening sequence of the parachute and doing the opening count; to be able to perform all the parachute checks after the parachute opens and identity a good canopy or a malfunctioning canopy; to be able to locate the drop zone, the cross, the arrow and the wind indicators; to be able to follow the arrow and radio communications, and understand the concepts of upwind, downwind, flight plans and approaches; to get familiar with landing the parachute; and identifying off drop zone landing areas and the obstacles and hazards from above. First Jump Courses take a full day - 8am start and usually finishing up around 6pm, or later in summer. Get ready for a big day that is very interesting, informative and fun! (FJCs can also be done over two nights and one morning by appointment). 

Stage 1 is $499. BOOK NOW

Because the First Jump Course is a full on day, students tend to be tired by the end of the day! And so we prefer to carry some of the Course and training over to the next day when you come back refreshed. The First Jump Course and all the training is geared towards getting you ready to jump your own equipment, so we  like you to sleep on it and come back refreshed. We recommend signing up for the INTRODUCTION PACKAGE which includes the First Jump Course plus 3 jumps, over 2 days. This is the way to go about starting your skydiving journey.

AFF Introduction Package is $1,149 BOOK NOW
Solo Introduction Package is $779 BOOK NOW

Further, the 20-jump Addiction Package includes customised 1-on-1 coached jumps and B-Licence Training Table jumps, all rolled into one dynamic program. This Course/Package structure is the most modern and advanced in Australia - unique to Skydive Ramblers Sunshine Coast! Not only does it accelerate you into a very competent, well-rounded, skilled and safe skydiver, it is also flexible, to be able to cater to your individual needs and wants, both in the air and the ground... because Ramblers understands that everybody has different personalities, different learning curves and different timeframes.

Skydive Ramblers have been the leaders in Training Courses since 1972. Two generations of the McMc skydiving family knowledge and experience gives you the winning combination of the Old School and the New School. Take comfort knowing you are in safe hands. Want to know more about Ramblers? Click here.

For more information, please phone or email Course Coordinator Susie McLachlan any time. They are passionate about training and coaching and are more than happy to answers all your questions.

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