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We pride ourselves on providing you with a top shelf product of high quality, superior to other skydiving operations - please compare our quality product and value for money.

  • When you buy Video & Photos we take TWO dedicated cameras so you get high quality products (not all skydiving companies take two cameras!)

  • Our photos are high resolution digital photos which can be blown up to massive poster size. Note: they are actual photos, not "grabs" taken from the video (as most other skydiving companies do!)

  • Photos transferred to a 4GB USB stick straight after your jump. The USB stick is a terrific souvenir for you to take home and reuse.

  • A couple of the best photos uploaded to our Facebook pages (with your permission).

  • Videos cameras are the latest technology and High Definition for top quality.

  • Footage taken of your and your family/fan club, from gearing up and in the plane, exiting and freefall to the parachute opening and landing, telling the story of your complete skydiving experience. 

  • Videos edited to great music with a balanced mix of raw sounds, commentary & interviews. We support fantastic local artists and Aussie bands - check 'em out!

We'll teach you how to "geek" the cameras and encourage your interaction, to help make the greatest mini movie masterpiece possible! Videos capture the essence of your personality, the spirit of the day and tell the story of your complete jumping experience, and with cheeks flapping in the 220 km/hr breeze, are also a definite laugh and hit with family & friends.

After your jump, relax straight into the lounges and bean bags and watch your video on the big screen TV as we edit it to fabulous music. Great entertainment for you and your crew!

You can choose to have Video OR Photos, or Video AND Photos. You can let us know what you would like when you book in or you can decide on the day of your jump. 

You have the choice of Hand Cam or Outside Camera Flyer.


  • Video & Photos taken by the Tandem Master by a specially designed wrist-mounted camera set-up.
  • High quality, large resolution digital photos which can be blown up to poster size.
  • Between 200-400 high resolution photos taken of your complete skydiving experience (the number depends on how high you jump from).
  • Expect 20 or more ripper photos - the "money shots".


  • Fabulous close-up footage and photos, the handcam particularly captures your face and expressions of fear & exhilaration while sitting on the edge of the door and exiting the plane. The video will hear you scream!
  • Priceless footage and photos taken during the parachute opening sequence and your first exclamations, woohoos and obscenities! (Only available with handcam).
  • More priceless footage during the parachute flight, showing you turn and steer the parachute, do spirals and 360s, all the while with the beautiful coastline in the background. (Only available with with handcam).


  • Video & Photos taken by another skydiver (camera flyer) who flies with you and takes photos on a digital stills camera which is helmet mounted.

  • Between 200-400 photos taken of your complete skydiving experience (the number depends on how high you jump from).

  • Expect 20 ripper photos ie. the "money shots"


  • See another person in freefall. Watch them fly their body on all axis and even interact with the cameraflyer in freefall ie. shake hands, pull faces, strike a pose etc. (Only available with outside camera flyer).
  • A range of camera angles as the cameraflyer flies rings around you (so to speak).







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